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Gottorfer Globus

Exhibition Graphics

The Globe of Gottorf is a large walk-in globe from the 17th century, measuring 3.1 meters in diameter. It displays a hand-painted map of star constellations with astrological and mythological symbols. The Globe of Gottorf is considered the first ever planetarium in the world.

In 2019, Triad Berlin was commissioned to create an immersive VR experience about the globe and its history, and design the surrounding space in an informative and appealing way. 

The exhibition design is made up of four graphic panels that frame the room. Each corner tells a different aspect of the history of the globe and the area. The design is composed of different layers that are reminiscent of the Baroque theatre sets of the time.

I was in charge of the final design and production of the exhibition graphics. For more information on the project and the virtual reality film, click here.

Illustrations by Adina Dutz |  Rendering by Marco Steiner | Design concept by Katrin Sörensen @Triad Berlin, 2019

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