360° Thüringen
Digital Entdecken

Digital Showroom

The state of Thuringia is located in the heart of Germany and combines areas of breathtaking natural beauty with
hi-tech industry and research facilities. 

Since 2017, the new digital showroom 360° Thüringen Digital Entdecken in Erfurt invites tourists and locals to explore Thuringia using a mix of state-of-the-art media and hands-on exhibits.

I was part of the winning pitch team for Triad and in charge of the overall graphic design during the implementation phase. This includes the design and production of wall illustrations, floor layouts, silhouette and panorama illustrations, wayfinding and exhibit labels.

The project continually draws visitors and was awarded the German Design Award Special Mention for Excellent Communications Design in the category Fair and Exhibition. 

@Triad Berlin, 2017

Fotos: Dominik Saure, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH

Meet famous

Martin Luther, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Bernd das Brot are among the famous historic and contemporary personalities who greet the visitors in the first part of the showroom, The Clearing. Surrounding the main interactive exhibit – an interactive map of Thuringia – the form-cut silhouettes directly address visitors as they share their tips and insights on how to explore the region with vivid graphic illustrations.

Fotos: Alexander Müller

The View

The circular room, The View, sets the scene for the showroom’s 360° virtual reality experience. Using VR headsets, vistors can immerse in Thuringia’s attractions; fly over the Rennsteig and Wartburg, explore the Drachenschlucht, and marvel at the interior of the Nationaltheater in Weimar.

Framing the atmospheric space, a backlit panoramic view showcases Thuringia’s natural and cultural landmarks and features integrated vitrines, soundbites, and hands-on exhibits. 

Foto: Dominik Saure, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH

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